About us

Food is an international language and, for a chef, an international currency that can enable many wonderful journeys. Food means many things in many cultures but it always brings people together, no matter where they come from. The main reason to travel is to experience and enjoy the food of different cultures.

Personally, travelling and cooking as a chef from the age of 15 took me on a quite unexpected journey in 2012, after I decided to take a break from professional cooking. However, no one realized that this ‘break’ would become a full time job. It led me into the kitchens and restaurants of some of the best-known names in contemporary gastronomy.

It’s difficult to sum up five years of making Culinary Art of Living and all the international chefs we met along the way. It’s indeed been a fascinating experience and, after twelve issues published in the Czech language, we are proudly publishing English edition.

Language: English
Type: Hard copy
Pages: 180
ISSN: 1805-3300
Print: Off set printing, V2 PUR bound
Paper: 150 gsm – mat, 250 gms – mat (cover)
Format: 240 x 280 mm